Franchising Business Opportunity


In line with our Departments’ thrust to provide the necessary information, procedure, forms and guidance required for the opening of new UNO Business Centers nationwide. Please be advised of the following Step-By-Step Procedure on UBC Application Process for your reference:



STEP # 1: Submission of Letter of Intent (LOI)


Please submit written document signifying your interest to open an UNO Business Center in your proposed area. Said location should be without an existing UNO Business Center. Letter of Intent must be sent to :

UBC Franchise Department Unlimited Network of Opportunities International Corporation 355 Ortigas Ave., Brgy. Wack-Wack Mandaluyong City 1555 Philippines


Telephone : +632.500.9607

Fax : +632.570.3439

Mobile : +63.933.962.1508

Email :

Website :


If you already have a proposed area, please provide details such as vicinity map and floor layout of unit or space to be occupied or leased. We will also require you to present detailed photos of your proposed area with the location map.


Proposed area must be in the ground floor area, at least 40 sqm. and strategically located within the city or in a key provincial center and near commercial or business district. Proposed UBC Center should provide areas for reception and sales counter, training center, stock room for products and supplies, receiving area for visiting UNO Distributors and their guests and a good provision for back lighted signage at the façade of the location or building.



STEP # 2: Approval for the Proposed Area


UBC Department shall conduct a study of your proposed area. UBC Department can also assist you on your negotiation with the Lessor on the basic requirements, lease terms and conditions of the proposed site.


If the proposed area is approved, we shall then proceed with the payment of the reservation fee and application process.


If the proposed area is not feasible, we shall advise you to look for an alternative location or recommend other areas open for UBC.



STEP # 3: Payment of Reservation Fee


The UBC Applicant is required to pay the reservation fee of One Hundred Thousand Pesos (P 100,000.00) to reserve the area and will have 30 days to comply on all UBC application requirements and application Process.


Reservation payment shall be made and coordinated through the UBC Officer, email add,, which shall provide details on the initial transactions to be made.



STEP # 4: Submit your Duly Accomplished Application Form and Requirements


Please secure the UBC Application Form from the UBC Franchise Department of UNO International Corporate Office at 355 Ortigas Ave., Brgy. Wack-Wack, Mandaluyong City.


Submit the completely filled-out application form, business documents and references at any of our main offices in Ortigas, C.M. Recto, Cebu and Davao.



STEP # 5: Evaluation and Approval of Application


Please allow our department to evaluate thoroughly your application. A background check shall also be done during this period. You shall be informed on the status of you application.


We consider your best interest at heart. Since we want you to maximize your investment with us, a screening interview shall also be arranged. We may also request for a scheduled meeting with you with our Board of Directors to discuss the feasibility of your business.



STEP # 6: Signing of Non-Disclosure Agreement


Once the application process is completed and approved by the Board, we shall proceed with the signing of Non-Disclosure Agreement and presentation of checklist, key terms of the UBC agreement and purchase requirements and computations.



STEP # 7: Signing of UBC Agreement


Once all requirements and above steps are completed, we shall proceed with the signing of UNO Business Center Agreement, which shall be the binding contract between the Franchisee/Owner and UNO International Corp.



STEP # 8: Payment of Full Initial Investment


The franchisee is required to pay the full initial investment of Five Hundred Eighty One Thousand and One Hundred Pesos (P 581,100.00), (less the reservation fee paid) and secure the initial inventory as presented in the computation upon the execution of the UBC Agreement and must be within 30 days upon payment of the reservation fee. The initial inventory must consist of 50% Product Packages and 50% solo products.



STEP # 9: Start of Construction


Once all initial requirements and payments are already settled, full construction can now be started. All construction-related concerns shall be monitored by and discussed by the UBC Franchise Department to the owner prior and during construction. A regular update on the status of the construction must also be provided to the UBC Franchise Department.


A two-month grace period is provided to the UBC for the construction / renovation and to finish all the necessary permits to operate a UBC



STEP # 10: Soft Opening / Grand Opening


Soft Opening or Grand Opening of the new UBC shall be scheduled upon completion of the construction. Opening schedule and program should be discussed and arranged with the UBC Franchise Department.


You are now ready to open and operate your own UNO Business Center and welcome to the UNO Business Center Family!