1. What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is a legitimate distribution scheme, where products and services are offered directly to consumers from the manufacturers thru a pool or network of distributors.



2. Is Network Marketing a Scam?

Network Marketing is a type of Direct Sales / Marketing, the concept and scheme itself is legitimate. What makes it controversial is the manner by which the term is being abused to conceal “Chain Distribution and Pyramiding Scheme”.



3. What is Pyramiding?

Pyramiding is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants income primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than from any real sale of products or services to the public. Pyramid schemes are a form of fraud and are illegal in many Countries including the Philippines. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyramid_scheme)



4. How do I know if a Networking Company is Pyramiding?

There is a very basic and simple parameters in gauging legitimacy of a Business Model used by a Networking Company ;
– Is there a product with real market value and a compelling reason to buy?
– Is commission paid on the sale of the product and not on recruitment of people?

The DSAP and the DTI have formulated an 8 point rule on its ANTI-PYRAMIDING CAMPAIGN, to determine legitimacy of A NETWORK MARKETING operations. If the answers to those questions are yes, then you are assured the Business Model used in paying commission is Legal and Legitimate and conforms with the DSAP and DTI guidelines.
1. Is there a product?
2. Are commissions paid on sale of products and not on registration/entry fees?
3. Is the intent to sell a product not a position?
4. Is there no direct correlation between the number of recruits and compensation?
5. If recruitment were to be stopped today, will the participants still make money?
6. Is there a reasonable product return policy?
7. Do products have fair market value?
8. Is there a compelling reason to buy?


5. What is Binary?

Binary is a Business Model designed to pay commission using the concept of building 2 sales team where commission is paid on predetermined bracket of volumes of the 2 sales group (balanced or 2/3rd type)



6. Is Binary Illegal?

Binary is a legitimate business model for network marketing. Amidst controversies, Binary have remained the most popular commission pay plan in the local and international MLM market. Binary becomes illegal when it is used with deceit and manipulated to drive on income solely from recruitment without product movement



7. Is UNO using Binary?

UNO uses HYBRID. A Hybrid is a business model that uses 2 or more commission schemes. UNO uses a combination of UNILEVEL and BINARY in its commission plan.



8. Is UNO a legitimate Network Marketing Company?

YES! UNO is registered with the SEC and have complied with all the business perquisites required by the Government (FDA, BIR, Local Government, etc.). UNO’s business Model have been evaluated and appraised by DTI and have secured their approval of legitimacy.



9. How to become an UNO distributor?

Attend the FREE UNO SALES ORIENTATION SEMINAR (USO). Fill-up a Distributor’s Application and Information Form and purchase the Product Package of your Choice (Starter Kit). You must be sponsored by an existing UNO Distributor to become an UNO Distributor. The person who invited you and introduced you to the business is your SPONSOR.



10. Where and to whom do I transact my Application for Distributorship?

You will pay for your Product Package (Starter Kit) directly to authorized UNO personnel at the UNO Sales Office or at any authorized and official UNO Business Centers nationwide. Simply present your completely filled-up Distributor’s Application and Information Form together with necessary VALID ID to verify your age. Minors (ages 17 and below) are not allowed to participate in UNO business.



11. How much do I pay to join UNO and what do I get from the payment?

There is no registration fee to join UNO. However, you are required to purchase a product package which serves as your STARTER KIT. You choose the product package that you like from the assortment. The Product Package cost P7,300 from where you will received the equivalent value in terms of products, collaterals and services. It is composed of a set of product, a product gift certificate of worth P2,500 (not applicable to some packages), an (individual or family) accidental death insurance coverage, Online Portfolio (Virtual Office) Account, marketing materials, a DVD and a member’s ID with a distinct number which you will use every time you transact business with any authorized UNO Business Centers.



12. What are the benefits of being an UNO distributor?

UNO provides its distributors access to the best products and services that supports their entrepreneurial drive; providing avenue for alternative source of income. UNO have designed a Commission program to reward its Distributors for their efforts in;
– personal sales (Direct Discount),
– personal sponsorship (Direct Referral),
– group sales (Unilevel) and
– group sponsorships and productivity (Binary).



13. How do I collect my commissions?

Your distributorship comes with a “Online Virtual Office Account” where you could track down your transactions with UNO. In the Commission menu, You have to check or “clicked” on your earned commissions not later than 12MN of every Saturdays, so you may be able to collect your check the following week (Wednesday for Manila affiliated Members and Thursday for all UBC affiliated Members)
Your commissions come in CASH, plus an additional product Incentive in a form of Product Gift Certificate whenever applicable.
You may also opt to have your commission wired thru your SMART MONEY (or thru a locally activated and processed International Debit Card) as provided in the menu of your “Online Virtual Office Portfolio”



14. What is the Product Gift Certificate for and when do I get it?

In one of the 4 ways to earn, your network productivity allows you to earn P 500 for every matched product packages on your left and right team. The company rewards you with a Product Gift Certificate worth;
P500 on the 5th Matched Volume
P1000 on the 10th Matched Volume
P1500 on the 15TH Matched Volume
and every 5th matched volume thereafter
The Product Gift Certificate allows a member to keep adequate inventory for personal use or resale. You will also have the option to have your 5th cycle (every 5 matched volume = 1 Cycle) Product Gift Certificate converted to an AYALA GC or SODEXHO Card. Just follow the menu on the “Online Virtual Office Portfolio”



15. What are the important dates to remember?

Sales Transactions are processed and indexed daily. A sales week starts on Sunday at 12:01AM and ends on Saturday at 12 Midnight Commissions earned during this period are released the following week – Wednesday for Manila affiliated members and Thursdays for UBC affiliated members.
Unilevel Commissions are released every 1st Saturday of each Month*. The computation for this starts on the 26th of the previous month to the 25th of the current month. You have to “clicked” your earned Unilevel Commission (on your Online Portfolio – Virtual Office) on or before the 25th to collect your commission on the 1st Saturday of the following month. Please be reminded that you must have a Minimum Monthly Personal Sales production of P1,000 to be entitled to the UNILEVEL commission.
*Provided it does not fall on the first few days of the month otherwise it will be released the next Saturday.



16. How do I avail of an UNO ID?

Your ID will be released within 7 days, upon your online request which will be triggered by processing and activation of the information field in your FAMILY ACCIDENT INSURANCE.
Your UNO ID also serve as your proof as an “Insurance Policy Holder”.



17. I am single, who can include in the FAMILY ACCIDENT INSURANCE?

Your Parents below 65 years of age are covered under the Secondary Policy coverage while 3 siblings below the age of 21 are covered under the Tertiary Policy coverage.



18. What to do if; Forgot my password? Lost my ID? Incorrect encoding? Correcting a spelling?

UNO’s commission and data base software programs are sacred, we keep it clean and free from alterations as much as possible. However, we acknowledge the reality of common human errors and for that matter, we treat every incident, on a case to case basis. Please dial .
Any changes if granted would take effect within 7 days from the date it has been taken up with UNO’s IT Consultants.
Lost ID’s are replaced within 7 days for a fee of P500. Please contact Julie at .



19. What numbers and who to call to for various queries?

UBC ORDERS – Au Magbuhos 0932.3036008
ID/INSURANCE – Aires Beacom 0922.3674827
COMMISSION -Ria Sacanle 0922.3786544
MARKETING – JP 0932.6129406



20. How to retrieve UNO account password?

1.) Proceed to the counter/cashier for the Payment of the request for PIN form.
2.) Present the bill to receptionist in exchange for the form (Request for PIN form)
3.) Fill up the form and attach at least 1 valid ID
4.) Return the form with the attached valid ID in the counter for payment.

Please keep the bill for claiming your password after 7 working days.

NOTE: For provincial area, please coordinate to the UBC near at your place.
• After the completion of all the requirements, please send thru fax , Fax # (02)727-5801
and attention to Ms. Ria.
• Please deposit your payment to our BDO Acct.
• Account No. 4950198184
• Account Name: Unlimited Network of Opportunity International Corp.
• Deposit slip must be send too! Thank you!

Note: Personal appearance of the owner is required.



21. How to transfer UNO Account?

1.) Buy transfer form at the cashier then fill up the complete information.
2.) Photocopy of valid id of the assignor and the assignee is required.
3.) Bring print out of business center of the original owner.
4.) Signature of your Grand Upline is required.
5.) Submit the accomplished form to Ms.Ria Sacanle ( UNO MAIN OFFICE ).
6.) One of the BOD’S will sign the accomplished form note: every Wednesday only
7.) You can check to Ms. Ria on the following day if the BOD already signed your form.
8.) Then proceed to the cashier for the payment.

Note: Personal appearance of the assignor and the assignee is required.